For Oversea Client


We provide Two Packages for your wedding:

1. Package No.1:  Photo photographer

2. Package No.2: Photo photographer and Film photographer

     Film photographer will be my team, Peter(Dover Studio).  You can take a look for the works on website.



Wedding Product :

  1. (Two) Fully Edited, High resolution Images-DVD provide
  • Photo including two format, original JPG and small JPG format;
  • Original format: 3000 x 2000 pixel ; Small format:1024 x 768 pixel
  • Small JPG format is easy to share your friends or family.
  • All the photos will be provided with the basic post-retouching,

(Basic post-retouching is for Brightness, Whit-Balance, Sharpness)

  1. (Two) Photo-Slide Video provide (100+ image montage set to music
  1. Wedding Book (A4 Size)
  • Pages:36P
  • Photo content: around 100 photos. 
  1. (Two) Wedding-Film (With Package No.2)
  • Full-day ceremony / reception
  • Trip Record before the wedding day
  1. Provide the wedding photos and film online for one year in my free web-photo album.


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